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My working tools for a handyman.



Your comfort is our #1 priority

Quality Services

As a handyman in Lake Havasu City AZ, I am dedicated to delivering top-quality workmanship for all your home repair needs. I take pride in my commitment to excellence and strive to ensure that every project is completed to your satisfaction.


Whether you require minor repairs or major renovations, as a handyman in Lake Havasu City AZ, with my skill and experience, I am equipped to handle the job with precision and efficiency.

Good Quote

Simply fill out our easy-to-use form and we'll provide you with a free quote for your project. No hassle, no obligation. 


Offering Reliable Services

Weir Canyon Handyman LLC is a reputable and dependable handyman service in Lake Havasu City AZ, that is owned and operated by Bob. With a focus on providing exceptional service to residential customers in Lake Havasu City, Bob takes great pride in his work and approaches every project with the same level of care and attention to detail that he would give to his own home.


Whether you need help with repairs, installations, or general maintenance, you can count on Weir Canyon Handyman LLC to deliver reliable and trustworthy service that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Don't hesitate to contact Weir Canyon Handyman LLC for all your handyman needs and experience the difference that Bob's commitment to excellence can make.

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Some of my works as a handyman.

Transform your home with Weir Canyon Handyman LLC

From repairs to minor renovations, we've got you covered

Services Available

Call   928-302-2418

One of my working tools for a handyman. This is a spanner


I'm handy in Bathrooms. I can change out your faucets, install new shut off valves and hoses or Install a new toilet.

One of my working tools for a handyman. This is a hammer.


 I can adjust your cabinet doors or install new drawer slides.

One of my working tools for a handyman. This is a screwdriver.


I can install new door hardware like hinges and door knobs and locks.

One of my working tools for a handyman. This is a drilling machine.


 I can install new light fixtures, replace a ceiling fan, add dimmer switches, or change your old outlets and switches to new outlets and switches and new cover plates. Giving a fresh new look.

One of my working tools for a handyman. This is a spanner


Install a new faucet, install a new garbage disposal, even replace leaky valves and hoses.

One of my working tools for a handyman. This is a hammer.


I can patch and texture that hole in your drywall too.

weir canyon handyman LLC



The previous owners installed a granite window pane, the heat got the better of it, the glue gave way, and well, we needed someone to fix it right. We called Bob to repair it with some drywall and corner bead instead. We left it to him to decide the best way to do it. He wanted to make it looked like it was done on purpose, not repaired, so he even designed and cut a couple pieces of granite from the scraps to fill the gaps. He took his time to do it all right, and we're very happy. If you need someone who knows what he's doing, call Bob. He's fair and trustworthy.

Weir Canyon Handyman LLC
Door Installation, part of my job at weir canyon handyman LLC
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